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What does success look like?

What does success look like?? ? This question acts as a starting point. Once defined, we can ensure that our business solution delivers on your success criteria. We examine and outline your businesses key activities in relation to your clients? quality requirements. We will then work towards agreed outcomes and delivery dates.


Produce your organisation?s quality manual

The Assessor will examine your organisation?s existing procedures and identify conformances to the ISO standard. They will then put together your quality manual which indicates how you should operate going forward.


Facilitation of training to enhance adoption of the quality framework

We develop and deliver tailored training programmes for your staff. Training ensures full understanding and implementation of the quality controls being put in place. Employee development will reinforce the fundamental returns on continual improvement and profitability.


Submission to a third party for external auditing

The external audit is the monitoring of the company?s conformance to the ISO standard. Your organisation will be submitted to the third party certifying body deemed suitable for your company. IMSM will continually support and guide your business to conformity through all of the above stages as well as leading up to the audit.


Your organisation is awarded ISO certification

Once confirmed as being ISO standard compliant, your organisation will then be presented with the ISO certificate. You can then promote that you have gained international recognition to your target market.

To work towards ISO certification with a business success relationship driven consultancy, or an informal meeting or for more information contact us today.