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A Statutory Demand for Payment. The legal process used by government (HMRC) and debt recovery companies to collect  debts.

A statutory demand gives a person, limited companies, LLP's, sole traders or partnerships up to 21 days warning to pay the debt. After that the statutory demand has runs it course and it can followed by a bankruptcy or winding up petition.

In the minds of a debtor or a debtor’s solicitor a statutory demand is the legal equivalent of a 'warning shot from a gun'. This is because the average debtor is so scared by 'what may follow' that they usually pay up.

In fact statutory demands are so successful that in 99% of cases following the issue of a statutory demand a bankruptcy petition is NEVER issued.

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At Free Debt Recovery UK a service provided by ComPay UK we are committed to working with you or your business in recovering those outstanding debts or debt.

Your pay no commissions, no upfront fees or even have expensive solicitors bills. No matter how small or large your debt is or the size of your business or organisation. The Free Debt Recovery Service is open to all creditors to use, and as many times as you wish.

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